Product Information

  • Version: Prologic 6 (632/664) - Lite
  • Platform: Windows Only
  • Arch Support: 32/64 bit (little-endian)
  • Language Support: Visual Studio 2015 or higher

Prologic™ 6 LTE - AI Development System

Prologic™ 6 LTE is a lower-cost alternative for teams and companies wanting to Research and Develope AI/ML solutions or for a single point of use application. The LTE version only allows one seat/one site usage - use cases would be for an individual on a team developing AI proof-of-concept or a server running a single application.


The Prologic™ 6 LTE development system includes the core Prologic engine with 32/64 support, the MeL-based QueryBuilder IDE, User and Language documentation


Prologic™ 6 LTE supports all versions of Windows XP and above (both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported)

Tools and Application

Prologic™ 6 allows development of managed DLLs using Visual Studio DOT NET 2015 or above

License Limitations

The user is limited to one user on one computer - additional license extension upgrades are possible with this version

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