(MRC) Michael Rogers Consulting LLC

integration of technology to solve business problems

Integration of technology into business solutions to meet specific needs and transforming an organization.

Michael Rogers Consulting LLC is a consulting company dedicated to helping customers position their organizations with technology for a competetive business advantage.

  • Software services - Selection, implementation, development.
  • Database Services - Data management, consolidation, architecting, warehousing, and data analytics.
  • A.I. and Machine Learning - Solution modeling, simulation, and analytics for complex business problems.
  • Process Improvement - Business improvement, 6-Sigma services, and improvement roadmap determination.

Meeting your business needs will provide your organization a competitive advantage in the delivery of your goods and services to make your business succeed.

Software Services

Software selection, software design and architecting, custom software development

Database Services

Database development, design, warehousing, and data analytics

A.I. and Machine Learning Services

Using the power of AI and ML for decision support, expert systems development, and computational models for identifying and solving very difficult problems

Process Improvement Services

6-Sigma services and training, process improvement, new process introduction, and identifying a roadmap for improvement for your business

The MRC advantage

Focused Improvement of your organization


Does continous improvement ever stop? What works today and tomorrow might not work for a business in a changing and dynamic environment – are you able to adapt?


MRC has expertise in identifying and selecting software that is strategic to your business – as well as expertise in extending current and 3rd party systems or even creation of a custom software system.


A company may collect more information than they know what do with – this is common. MRC can help create and implement a data strategy to get the most out of your data.


Getting the most out of your data is important – these services include ensuring your data can provide you information you can use as well as tools and techniques for practical data analytics.

What is holding your organization back?

More often than not, what holds a business back from excelling are gaps in Process, Software, Data, and Analytics.

MRC Products and Services

Featured Products and Services

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  • Server Products
  • PC Products
  • Training
  • In Development

MRC Deep Learning Tool (Server Edition)

MRCDLT v5 interoperable NNet server component

MRC Prologic™ Computational Analysis Tool v5.0 (Server Edition)

MRCPLT v5 interoperable Prologic™ server component

MRC Prologic™ 6 ENT: Enterprise Development Edition

Prologic™ 6 development system for embedded AI in PC software (C++/Visual Studio)

MRC Prologic™ 6 LTE: Embedded Engine Edition

Prologic™ 6 embedded engine (licensed product)

6-Sigma DMAIC/DMEDI Training

DMAIC, DMEDI, and 6-Sigma tools training

MicroShop™ Shopkeeper

Web-based Light ERP for retail with multi-location integration and POS

The Technology Solution Experts

MRC has decades experience as a technical solution development provider and trusted business advisor.


300+ Clients worked with MRC has worked with many different clients covering several diverse industries including retail, manufacturing, trucking, real estate, medical, and logistics


500+ Project Engagements MRC has experience with engagements ranging from small one-time projects to full systems spaning months


Years of experience Over 30 years in technical solutions development and business consulting


Awards and Honors 6-Sigma DMAIC, DMEDI, and Lean TPS blackbelt, US Patent 8010477

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Rockford, Illinois, USA